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At a time when exotic cultures often only serve as embellishments to Western works, Maboungou uses its sources with artistic integrity.
Victor Swoboda, The Gazette, May 22, 2010

The choreographic work is striking. The performer composes a drummed work where time is suspended, an uncompromising presence at the heart of an active intimacy, both powerful and tranquil. 

An unparalleled refinement of what the movement   has concrete and transcendent… Wamunzo.

The artist composes a musical work, drummed, according to his mark in which the body restores its own trajectories,   to time, and to space, its own energy.

Choreography, musical composition and dance

Zab Maboungou


Lionel Kizaba, Elli Miller Maboungou, Bruno Martinez


Pierre Lavoie

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