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At Zab Maboungou|Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata, movement is approached as a rhythmic structure within which an infinity of breaths take turns. Rhythms allow you to isolate parts of the body. Extreme rhythmic precision in the movement is then necessary, combined with relaxation and fluidity of the body.

By exploring the rhythmic cultures of Africa (Central Africa in particular), you will be encouraged to practice your breathing and develop your strength and flexibility.  From step to run, from break to undulation, from stomp to jump, you will learn some essential principles and techniques of the art of dance: posture and alignment, weight exchange, multidirectional plane, (articulated body, movement and energy, etc.).


Aspects of choreographic work will be addressed: analysis of movement, space and musicality, movement and progression, creation of a rhythmic context.

With this in mind, we offer training to the General Public as well as a professional training program, the PEFAPDA.

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