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Word from the choreographer






This is a challenge posed to the choreographer. This time, infinitely divisible, demands its music, its silences and its noises, its resonance…and our consciousness. From there is born the gesture, called to redefine the space, to regenerate our body and the consciousness that we have of things. It is then that we enter into a relationship. Our responsibility is then measured by the mad excess of our perceptions and debates. So it is.
Dance, and therefore our bodies, are both forces of seduction and destruction.
The rhythms that I compose are so many scenographic universes which represent the beings and the things of which we make ourselves the intermediaries in order to be able to dance, that is to say, to sing our being in the world, to open a space, to breathe, and re-born to life.

The rest is a matter of motive, that is to say of the form that such an enterprise will have to take, in the rigor and vigor that its own time, its rhythm, calls for.
Physicality and musicality constitute an alloy of cutting edge, measure and nuance, energy and transcendence.

As a true instigator of the rhythmic bases of African dances and music in the world, Zab Maboungou proposes to identify the trajectories of the breath by which the transmutation into forms/rhythms of our modes of existence takes place, where space and presences, fluidity and flexibility, physical and rhythmic endurance, constitute modes of spelling of the body and of thought. 

“Form is more than plastic; it is a gathering of things.”

“Space does not wait for us; this can therefore only be negotiated. For a time. »

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