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Zab Maboungou | Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata is dedicated to dance creation, training and research.

Its offices and studios (Centre Création Danse Nyata Nyata) are based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada).


The works of Zab Maboungou | Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata are recognized by the strong and obvious alliance between the physical and intellectual, even spiritual, planes that have made his mark. His choreographic works, along with all the means deployed in the transmission of knowledge - poetic and didactic, literary and philosophical - contribute to nourishing a breeding ground for creation and the renewal of art and thought.

A CHOREOGRAPHIC ART: body and thought

For more than three decades, Zab Maboungou|Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata has traced the trajectories of a revised and corrected contemporaneity. Through his renewed art of rhythms and vibrant space, Zab Maboungou, who assumes the general and artistic direction of the company, founded in 1987, and is its choreographer, creates works with powerful gestures that stage the bodies committed artists of dance and music, both active and meditative, who transform our relationship to time and life. For this contemporary and futuristic dance, the rigor of the approach in the musical and danced movement, with proven technicality, is inseparable from the strength and freedom that emerge from the works whose poetics rhyme with the philosophical spirit that characterizes the choreographer and author. All the works, choreographed, didactic or literary, musical or visual, represent this unspeakable movement that is body and thought.

With “INCANTATION”, presented in 1984 ——at the Kennedy Center, in Washington, and at the Montreal International Festival of New Dance, in—— , the choreographer and performer will be described as a “finely cut diamond” by the New York Times. , ushering in a new era in the way we look at art forms from Africa.

THE WORKS: a distinctive journey and influence

“No thought is active without the movement that carries it. A choreographic approach is not a simple arrangement, but a redefinition of meaning. »
Zab Maboungou

More than twenty works , solo and group pieces.

ART AND TRANSMISSION: rhythms and a way of doing things

The training choreographer, mentor and philosopher, demonstrates her affirmed desire to forge an imagination which can participate in the “righting of history”, freed from neocolonial representations of the performative body in dance, and which knows how to take into account inherited ancestral practices and knowledge , among others, dance and music traditions from Africa to the world.


It highlights LO.KE.TO* as a principle of rhythmic alignment, which engages and articulates the body in space, redesigns its gesture and redistributes its energy, brilliantly testifying to this effort combining aesthetic and didactic .


Zab Maboungou | Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata is a world leader in artistic practice linked to the transmission of ancestral, transgenerational and rhythmic cultural knowledge.



Zab Maboungou

Artistic and General Direction


Angela Cardona



Leonora Moncada


Yvette Mbogo

Coordination | PEFAPDA

Board of directors

Sheila Kavanaght


Zab Maboungou


Abdou Malique Ouedraogo


Mariya Moneva


Frantz Voltaire


Francis Martel


Yvette Mbogo


Odie Miller-Maboungou



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