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The Professional and Artistic Dance Training and Education Program (PEFAPDA) is an intensive training in the art of movement. It constitutes a means of acquiring teaching as well as certain specific techniques which contribute to the contemporary multidisciplinary and multicultural development of the art of dance and music. The program lasts 2 years, and takes place over the fall, winter and summer sessions, at the rate of 13 hours per week. 

The goal

Our program responds to the urgent need to adequately train performing artists – especially dancers – in the various languages of contemporary creation. It also aims to train those who wish to go into teaching. Supported by Canadian Heritage, this program essentially aims to develop dance and related arts on a professional and artistic level.

The structure

Classes are given mainly by Zab Maboungou accompanied by musicians and professionals affiliated with the company, as well as guest teachers. 

Concentration course

Rhythm and voice: Develop the vocal capacity of dancers in relation to movement

Rypada: Rhythms, postures and alignment for dance. 

Repertoire class (rhythmculture): Particular aspect of the rhythm and movement of a rhythmculture based on the specificity of African traditions. 

Rhythms and movement: Body / Space, movement / energy, individual / community: relationship between music and dance.

Drums, voices and percussion: Voices, rhythms, drums, orchestration and improvisation. 

Theory: theoretical workshops: African dance: sources and contexts, creoleness and cultural emancipation: Haiti the African island in America, Black Dance, Rhythms and gestures. 


Practical lessons 

Fundamental class: Basic vocabulary with emphasis on the principles of progression (weight, breath, fall, progression) 

Advanced Class: Traditional Space and Contemporary Approach 

Pema: Warming class (relaxation, energy exchange, breathing…) 

Author directory: Practical workshop: repertoire of Zab Maboungou / Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata 

Artistic management and production: Practical workshop: assistance with program coordination, special workshops and show preparation. 

To register 

Our 2022 cohort is complete. We invite you to take public courses while waiting for the next cohort 2024.

For the next cohort 2024:


Please send us your CV, a cover letter and a video clip before July 30, 5 p.m. 2024.

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