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“Rarely is the cash-strapped world of independent dance able to afford musicians of Donkor and Moto's caliber and Compagnie Nyata Nyata should be commended for bringing such talent to a national festival. »
Bridget Cauthery, Dance Current, June 2004

“Maboungou reveals a gesture never before explored”
Frédérique Doyon, Le Devoir, February 2003

SOLO, 2003


Always engaged in a music of rhythms, Zab Maboungou undertakes to install with this new solo, “a ground of the word that only the body can put in place”. “Choreographing, she adds, is not writing, but configuring, within a precise and fluid appreciation of time. In this context, where the dance has the gesture as a marker of time, NSAMU establishes a place? the top? where actions and words are inextricably linked. In Kikongo, the language of the two Congos, Nsamu means “what we debate”. The symbolism in NSAMU is also rhythmic; it juxtaposes signs, sounds and footsteps, and traces a probable course, one that goes from gesture to speech.”


Artistic conception and choreography

Zab Maboungou


Zab Maboungou



Diolkidi and Dominic Kofi Donkor


Musical composition

Zab Maboungou


Chryso Bashonga


Francois O'Hara

Zab Maboungou Costume

Denis Lavoie

Costumes of the musicians

Guylaine Tolemyo


Guylaine Tlemyo and Denis Lavoie

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