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"At Maboungou, the rhythm plays against all expectations, the dancers dance out of time, or between, and even something more subtle than simple counterpoint"
Deborah Meyers, Vancouver Sun, March 2007

“Explosive work”
2005 year in review, Marites Carino, Mirror, December 2005

"Maboungou upsets our conception of the show and of life"
Philip Szporer, Dance Current, summer 2005

“Important choreography of the year”
Ballet-Tanz, Yearbook 2006

“From all this very mathematical rhythmic, something free and vibrant… magnificent and astonishing.”
Stéphanie Brody, La Presse, February 2005


What must be done to pass from the stage of the one who is agitated to that of the agitator?

Lwáza, group choreography by Zab Maboungou, explores distance and proximity in the movement and conversations of bodies, all combined with physical and rhythmic space. In response to the solo Nsamu (“topic of debate”), Lwáza (“gossip”) reports a scenic agitation where the personalities deconstruct the discourse at every moment. Yet language, speech and meaning remain essential to this choreographic exploration. Characteristic of the works of this Montreal choreographer, the music of the rhythms, here feverish and percussive, is at the heart of the process. Lwáza's original musical composition, typical of Maboungou's creations, is neither an accompaniment rhythm nor an ambient rhythm, but rather creates a rhythmic scenography where the rhythm defines and articulates the space.


Choreographer and artistic director

Zab Maboungou



Patrick Bayne, Karla Etienne, Marielle Mencé, Liliona Quarmyne



Marc Keyevuh, Makumbé

Musical composition

Zab Maboungou

Technical and Lighting Director

Eric Duval

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