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“Hypnotizing… a highly controlled form of energy: a finely cut diamond…”
Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times

Solo, 1995

you wizards
Leaders of our begun lives
Dance a dance like no other...
You are the real blackmailers
Invisible Powers


In Incantation, Zab Maboungou fully assumes the role of instigator of a dance that time never stops: delivered to a progression that is both meticulous and autonomous (voice, body and percussion), the gestures that emerge from this work , even if it is powerful and voluntary, remains entirely dedicated to the very place and moment where it unfolds.

Incantation is the authentic example of a dance-energy, since the force of individuality, indifferent to personal destiny, is only played on effective acts where the call, the request, the command, constantly calling out , are just the flip side of the ability to receive…now.


Choreography and performer

Zab Maboungou

Musical composition

Zab Maboungou and Paul Miller


Dominic Donkor, Paul Miller

lighting engineer

Pascale Delhaes

Sound engineer

Francois O'Hara

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