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“There is something fascinating, complicated and unforgettable in Maboungou's performance. Seeing his body coil around itself is like stepping into the intricacies of what makes our brains work. »

"What 'space', or 'time', or even what landscape is it traversing? It doesn't matter, because it is fascinating, easily incorporating the mystery of being." 
Philip Szporer, The Dance Current, October 2009.

“The gesture is cut out, carved in the precision of the form, in the incongruity of the body, but always in this warmth in the belly, this drive specific to the style. Sold. Perfect title.” 
Marie-France Jacques, DFDanse, September 2010


Movement is commitment, never postponed or delayed. For choreographer-performer Zab Maboungou, choreographic writing and its poetics always lead to these deep musical forms which, beyond the instrument, are supported by our steps and resonate with our gestures. His dance is a dance to think about. Choreography, interpretation and musical composition: Zab Maboungou


Choreography and dance

Zab Maboungou



Marc Keyevuh and Elli Miller-Maboungou



Zab Maboungou


Lighting and technical direction

Jacques Pilon

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