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Not Just Dance

“A dance with deep African roots at the source of contemporary life. »
– La Nuova Sardegna, October 2007

“The choreographer who interprets her solo, delivers to the public a performance equal to the brilliance of the phrasing of her creation. »
– François Dufort, DFdanse, October 2007

"A cello, powerful drums and a moving body to embody a voice that does not use words to bring everyone an unspeakable, universal and personal message at the same time. »
– Fabienne Cabado, See


Space is solitude since it delimits and separates us. While we count our actions, time undoes them, playing with our deadlines and multiplying the impossible – the dance is in the moment which, inexplicably, stretches out. . . Zab Maboungou offers us this silent solo in music, provided with gestures with multiple references and failing in a point in constant regression. The gestures of Zab Maboungou, the interpreter, are both fluid and sharp. Extremely codified, it testifies to an incomparable freedom of movement: the body is challenged there to the extent of its ability to persist while changing.


Choreographer and performer  

Zab Maboungou


Musical composition

Johann Sebastian Bach, Zab Maboungou


Live interpretation

Marc Keyevuh and Jean-Christophe Lizotte



Chryso Bashonga



Francois O'Hara and Eric Duval



Moov design 

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